What is Chivalry?

Chivalry is first and foremost the code of how the Noble Warrior should act and live. It creates a life of purpose, meaning, and devotion to a higher cause.

Modern Chivalry as expressed through the Avalon Way encompasses aspects of noble and warrior codes from throughout history including modern-day. This blending of important beliefs and practices from throughout history, and from around the world, creates a more whole and viable scope of belief.

Avalon’s Chivalric practice focuses on the training of the body, mind, and spirit through intensive exercises, martial training, learning, and meditation while directly taking action to better the world.

How is Chivalry a Religion?

Chivalry is both a Belief System and to many a Religion for those who embrace it as such. It is similar to Buddhism in that it does not have to involve deity belief or worship, although many practitioners believe in a “higher power”.

Chivalry is a belief system stemming from practices dating back well over a thousand years. Cultures from throughout history created and adopted warrior ways that were held to higher standards of virtue and honor. These ways of being can be traced back through the histories of Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and many other places. The concepts of living a life of honor, duty, and virtue is a seemingly deep-rooted human characteristic, not exclusive to one culture or another.

Many warriors, regardless of culture, or predominant diety religion, believed in and practiced “chivalry” in some form, daily, during their lives. Many believed in their “chivalric” duties above all other things, with their lives and faith revolving around it.

The belief in Chivalry defies classic religious boundaries. You can be a Chivalrist, meaning Chivalry is your chosen belief/religion. There are also Chivalric Christians, Chivalric Buddhists, Chivalric Muslims, Chivalric Judaists, Chivalric Atheists, etc…

Chivalry stands alone as its own belief or can be complementary to other beliefs and faiths, though some extreme beliefs will be in direct conflict with the very structured and noble ideals of Chivalry.

Chivalry is not an easy path, it is the path of those who would be noble warriors, serving to better humanity and the world as a whole while living by the Code, the Tenets, and the Virtues.

Above and beyond all else, Chivalry is a warrior’s code. To deeply understand and embrace it one must become a warrior, one who is willing to risk all to do that which is right. One can read the words and follow the Code but true understanding can only be achieved by one who is a sharpened blade.

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