Code of Chivalry

  • To Serve and Protect the Order, its Members, and its Missions.
  • To Live by the Code, the Virtues, and the Quest.
  • To live to better Yourself, the Lives of Others, and the World.
  • To Protect and Aid the Innocent.
  • To be Valorous and Honorable.
  • To seek the Truth and avoid Deception.
  • To embrace Constant Never-ending Improvement and to Teach what you have Learned.
  • To extend Hospitality to Order Members and their Charges.
  • To refrain from giving wanton Damage or Offense.
  • To Obey the Law of the Land if it is Just.
  • To Champion and Never Abandon Just Causes.
  • To promote Peace and Freedom, avoiding Violence when possible.
  • To follow the Way.

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