Members of the Order act as the Embodiment of Chivalry, focusing on manifesting positive change in the world.  They are warriors and protectors, philosophers and teachers, coaches and caretakers.

On the surface being a Member of the Order appears akin to being part of a Martial Arts, Philosophy, Community Service, and Fraternal club all in one.  It is these things and so much more.

Members are held to high standards.  Being in a Martial Order is a continuous journey and lifestyle. You have to push your physical fitness to new levels. You have to learn martial arts and be willing to test yourself.   You must build tremendous emotional and mental strength, plus learn and stay current with a variety of skills in order to help the Order and its Missions.

Being a Member of the Order means accepting a way of life that is difficult, yet incredibly rewarding and involves much more than can be fit on a website.


If you’re thinking that pursuing the life of a modern Knight is for you, click this: Membership link to get an idea of what to expect from an entry point of view.

Members of the Order gain access to member training, guidance, and activities.

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