Once you have come to a decision that you wish to join our Order, there are steps you must take and responsibilities that you must accept.

First, Show Up. 

You need to attend our gatherings, trainings, and events.  Learn more about the Order, our Activities, our People, and our Purpose.  It is here that you will get a feel for things and see if it is truly something you want to be involved in at a deeper level. 

Get Sponsored.

All prospective new members must have a member sponsor.  If you are becoming a familiar face and have expressed your desire to join, it won’t be long until a willing sponsor comes to you.  It will often be one of the members you have already spoken with at some point.  Your prospective sponsor will confirm your desire to join and will talk to you at length regarding expectations, responsibilities, and trials.  If they feel you would be a good fit then they may sponsor you.


Once sponsored you will need to fill out an application that tells us a little about you.  You will also need to agree to an independent 3rd party background investigation as Order members must serve as examples and may have access to sensitive information, equipment, and responsibilities.  After the application is submitted you are officially an “Applicant”.


All Applicants are interviewed by at least two members.  These can be formal or informal interviews, to get a feeling for the type of person you are and how you might fit within the Order.    

The Invitation.

When it is felt that you are ready you will receive an official invitation to the Applicant Trial.  If you have a sponsor and have been interviewed your Trial has already begun.  Getting someone to sponsor you is the first part, the interviews the next, and the final trial is a PFT (Physical Fitness Test).

The PFT.

All members of the Order are required to maintain a level of fitness.  Being a Martial Order requires a fitness level above and beyond the average.  The Avalon PFT is a simple fitness test based upon those used by the Military.  It offers targetable goals and scores in three categories based on performance by gender and age bracket.  The three categories are Push Ups (max in 2 minutes), Sit Ups (max in 2 minutes), followed by a 1.5 mile timed flat run or hike up The Mountain.  Scores in each category are up to 100.  Applicants must score 150 minimum total with a minimum of 50 in each category to qualify as passing.

Link: PFT Tables

This PFT is completed each year at least once by all Members and at various stages for elevation to higher ranks, so get used to it.  


After the Interviews, the Background, and the PFT are passed, a simple ceremony is held where the Oath to Chivalry and the Order are accepted and whereby participants pass from being Applicants to Initiates.  This ceremony often happens at the end of the PFT and is the symbolic start of where your training actually begins.

Initiates begin a new level of training and experience.

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