Physical Fitness Test

The Order uses a modified version of the Army PFT to establish a fitness baseline.  Avalon members must pass the PFT at least once per year and at various testings along their path.

At a minimum every Avalon Applicant must be above a score of 50 or more in all 3 categories in order to be considered for Initiate acceptance.  Initiates ready to advance to Apprentices must be at 60 or greater in each category.

The PFT events are Push Ups(Upper Body), Sit Ups(Core), and 2 Mile Run/1.5 Mile Hike(Lower Body/Legs). The score is achieved by comparing your age bracket with your result of the event.

  Push-Ups: The number of Push-Ups you can do in 2 minutes, you are allowed to rest, but not leave the ‘up’ push up position.

Push up Score Chart up to Age 41 here:

  Sit-Ups: The number of Sit-Ups you can do in 2 minutes, you are allowed to rest in the ‘up’ position only, if you rest in the down position it ends.

Sit Up Score Chart up to Age 41 here:

  2 Mile Run/1.5 Mile Hike: A timed 2-mile run or 1.5-mile uphill hike is used to generate the score. Due to being a category 5 hike up the side of a mountain scoring time will be divided by 2. So if you take 40 minutes to reach the top, you would use 20 minutes on the chart to find your score.

Run Score Chart up to Age 41 Here:

The image below contains scoring ages 17 to 62+.

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