The Order

The Order of Avalon is a Modern Day Martial Chivalric Order, aka, Knightly Order.

A simple way to look at it is as a Martial Arts, Philosophy, Community Service, and Fraternal organization all in one.  It is all these things and more.

Mission Statement:

“The Order of Avalon exists to promote Modern Chivalry through the Gathering, Training, and Organizing of Modern Knights so that they, in turn, can Empower, Enlighten and Protect through Action, Education, and Intervention.


First and foremost the Order of Avalon is a Martial Order, which means a warrior’s order. Every member is expected to practice and hone their martial skills for self-mastery and the ability to protect others. Members practice not only Chivalry and Martial Arts, but train in Meditation, Skills, Traditions, and Philosophies to better themselves and the world around them.

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