Get Involved

Want to get involved, perhaps join, or assist, or donate?  There are many ways to become part of the Quest!


  Unlike many organizations, the Order of Avalon IS NOT a "big tent" organization.  Membership is a serious commitment and very selective.  

This is because this is a Marital Order and there may be times when Members' lives depend on other Members.

Things to think about:

Those seeking to join the Order must train for and pass a PFT test to start actual Order training.  Applicants must also be willing to submit to a simple background check.

Friends of Avalon

Order Membership is not practical for everyone, but many people still want to help out however they can.  

"Friends of Avalon" is our term for those who wish to still work with and help the Order and its Missions but cannot commit to becoming a Member.

Friends of Avalon are a critical part of the Order's missions and functions.

There are many ways in which someone can help so reach out to us if there's something you'd like to assist with!



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Monetary Donations