Avalon is the Belief in Modern Chivalry as 

a Way of Life, Purpose, and Enlightenment.

What is Avalon?

Avalon is a Belief System based upon Modern Chivalry, a coalescence of ancient Chivalry and other Warrior and Philosophical Codes, revived and repurposed for the Modern Day.

Avalon is a Lifestyle to some and a Religion to others, but a non-deifying one.  As Avalon does not espouse a deity, nor deny one, it is compatible with many other religious and spiritual beliefs.

Why "Avalon"?

In Arthurian legends Avalon was the resting place of King Arthur and from where it was said that Chivalry would one day return. 


So our Way of Chivalry is named after Avalon, the place from which chivalry went and would return.

While Arthur himself may never come again, perhaps his spirit will be with us in our Mission, as Chivalry is needed today more than ever.

The Way

Walking the path of Chivalry is referred to as The Way.  In Eastern philosophies "the way" is referred to as the Tao/Dao.  In the Avalon belief, it means living and acting in accordance with the principles and tenets of Chivalry.

To follow The Way is to choose to walk an honorable, courageous, and difficult path.  The Way keeps you on course and keeps you focused on doing that which is right, especially in the maelstrom of life where people, emotions, and situations can suddenly shift into chaos.

To follow The Way is to walk the Knightly Path, to the betterment of yourself, others, and the greater good.