The Order

The Order of Avalon is a Modern-Day Martial Chivalric Order.  

There are many aspects to the Order briefly touched on here.

of the Order

"The Quest"

"To Enlighten, Empower, and Protect through Education, Action, and Intervention."

 As the Humanitarian and Martial presence of Avalon, the Order is a modern-day organization founded upon the Martial Arts, Chivalric Values, and Prowess of Knighthood, shaped for modern times.

 The Order is first and foremost a Vigilant Martial Order, which is a warrior's order.  But the Order is much more.  It promotes Modern Chivalry through the Gathering, Training, and Organizing of Modern Knights and the Activities needed to serve the Quest.


  The Order is founded upon the Martial Arts Practices, Values, and Prowess of Knighthood and other warrior beliefs.

  Members practice not only Chivalry and Martial Arts but train in Meditation, Traditions, Philosophies, and a variety of Skills to better themselves and to serve the Order and its Missions. 

  Some examples of Order activities are as follows:

Physical Training

Membership PFT Testing

Martial Training

Martial Trials

Emergency Skills Training

Classes and Seminars

Building and Crafting



and more...  


  Under the Order's doctrine, men and women are trained and organized to take active roles in the community; helping, protecting, empowering, and educating others as well as improving the world we live in. 

To that end the Order seeks to help in many ways, a few are listed below:

Training.  The Order sponsors training in martial arts, chivalry, and other subjects to specific groups or open to the public.

Collaborations.  The Order seeks to collaborate with people and organizations on noble causes and events.

Emergency Response.  Order members train to assist with disasters or emergencies and are dispatched to assist when needed.

Quest Board.  If someone has a cause that they need help with they can submit a request to the Quest Board which will be reviewed to see if we have assets that can be assigned to help.